Forgiveness vs Revenge

Fall Into Forgiveness Part 2: Forgiveness vs Revenge

Several years ago, I was working for a person with whom I rarely saw eye to eye. One morning, I walked into my office to find my boss had taken the liberty of rearranging my desk, including removing personal items, without asking or notifying me in advance. And if that weren’t enough, they explained away their actions with a slimy smile, insisting my office looked “unprofessional.” I was furious and even humiliated by their attempt at an unnecessary power play, and I wanted nothing more than revenge…

An Introduction to Forgiveness

Fall Into Forgiveness Part 1: An Introduction to Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a frequently misunderstood concept; therefore, it is an infrequently experienced reality. Yes, forgiveness is a lived reality – one that I want you to experience, maybe for the first time, this fall. That’s why I’m writing this blog series, “Fall Into Forgiveness,” to help demystify this life changing concept…

The Secret to a Successful Move

The Secret to a Successful Move

My husband and I moved recently. It wasn’t a big move. In fact, we moved to a new one bedroom apartment a mere 1.1 miles from our old one bedroom apartment. But a move is a move, if you know what I mean. Moves are stressful and require hours of packing and planning and unpacking and trips to Ikea…

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