Find Your Anchors

An image of Melissa leaning against a tree trunk reading Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz.

There are days when nothing makes sense, when my brain feels like a minefield I am tiptoeing around, hoping not to step in the wrong place and unleash the explosion of spiraling negative thoughts. There are days when the world feels confusing and scary.

There are days when I am a pessimist.

In fact, just this last week nothing felt knowable. Everything was both good and bad, right and wrong, the same and different – juxtaposed. And I guess that’s true on a fundamental level. Life is more both/and than the either/or we’ve made it out to be.

Still, this unknowing, this inability to make sense of even the most mundane parts of life can drive a person crazy. It can make a person miserable and sad and hopeless and plain old bonkers.

But then there are pugs…

Last year, for my birthday, my fiancé surprised me with the most adorable pug puppy. I came home one day after work to find a little four pound black ball of love scurrying around my living room with a green bow tied around his neck. (Watch the video of my birthday surprise on our YouTube Channel)

His name is Danny and he is the pug of my dreams.

Everyday I get really close to his flat wrinkly face and I look deep into his big brown bulging eyes. And everyday, when I lean in close, he licks my nose and I know he is good. He’s not always an angel – far from it in his early adolescence – but he is real and true. He is an anchor.

An image of Melissa leaning against a tree trunk reading Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz. The overlain text reads, "Find Your Anchors."

Photo Credit: Debra Snell Photography

Now, if you’ve been feeling pessimistic, hopeless or confused, you don’t necessarily need to go out and get a dog, or cat, or any pet – really. You do, however, need to find your anchors. Find the tried and true things that ground you and help you weather life’s storms.

I have a few other anchors:

  • my niece & nephews
  • fresh flowers
  • creamy coffee
  • any Donald Miller book
  • PB&J
  • prayer
  • writing
  • my best friend

These anchors keep me grounded. They help me when I don’t know the answers because they are the answers. They are simple and honest and beautiful answers to my life’s questions. Because what cannot be answered by a child’s smile, a good sandwich or your favorite author’s prose?

I invite you to share one of your anchors in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Find Your Anchors

    1. Thanks for sharing, Ashy! I do drink my coffee black from time to time, but coffee with cream is my comfort drink. 🙂

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