In accordance with FTC regulations, this disclosure explains how and when I receive compensation for my creative work as it relates to BlossomWriter.com.

In 2015, I started BlossomWriter as a personal blog, writing about my journey to blossom into my best, truest self. By 2017, this personal project had become a passion project. I found myself on a new mission to not only share my journey, but to help other people on similar journeys become all they were meant to be.

To this day, I am still humbled I get to put words on a webpage and have them impact people’s lives. I’m humbled that my passion has become my profession. The beauty and mystery of my work is not lost on me; and yet, neither is the cost.

Blogs are free resources to the general public, but they are not free to create or sustain. Every year I invest significant amounts of time and money into writing blog posts, creating personal growth resources and maintaining the infrastructure of BlossomWriter.com, regardless of the outcome or income. It is truly a labor of love.

In 2018, I decided to stop using third party advertising and affiliate marketing to fund my work and become patron supported. I made this change because I felt it was more in line with my personal values as well as the values upon which I operate BlossomWriter.

This means I will not post third party ads or affiliate links on my site. In addition, any products I mention should be considered personal recommendations and not paid reviews or paid endorsements of those products.

This change also means I am relying heavily on the support of patrons to further the mission of BlossomWriter, which is to help as many people as possible blossom into their best, truest selves.

Patrons can help further this mission by voluntarily:

  • Purchasing BlossomWriter products and services
  • Participating in BlossomWriter’s paid online courses

It’s also important to know I value honesty and integrity. Any written reviews of my products, services or online courses on BlossomWriter.com or other sites are solely the opinions of the consumers. I will never publish fake reviews for the sake of compensation.

If you require any more information or have any questions about this disclosure, please feel free to contact me.