My Little Trip To The Bookstore

My Little Trip to the Bookstore

Last week I realized I was in need of some TLC. My body and brain felt weary. I hadn’t truly cared for them in a while. And I now know, after years of expecting others to give me permission or flat out do it for me, only I can truly give my body and brain the care they need. Others can facilitate by providing the space or the means, but I have to do the work…

Between Love and Fear

Between Love and Fear

Two weeks ago, I was having a conversation with my husband, my cousin and her friend over dinner. Kaitlyn, my cousin, and Isabel, her friend, were visiting California and we were trying to decide on things they could do while in the area. We joked about meeting famous people because that’s what people like to think is going to happen when they come to LA…

Learning To Trust

Learning to Trust

Collin (my husband!) and I took our dog Danny to the pacific ocean for the first time last weekend. I was nervous, which is NOT unusual for me. First, pugs don’t float and we were just trying out his new life jacket for the first time. And second…

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