Melissa McMillan sitting on a couch in her pajamas, looking down at a notepad with a pencil in hand.

Who Am I Becoming?

We’ve all heard that we become like the company we keep. We usually use this adage as fuel for getting our kids to choose better friends and, sometimes, we even use it to let go of our own. Like many profound ideas, we focus on how it serves us and alienates others. But what if it is just as important the other way around?…

Creating Positive Thoughts

Our mindsets power our lives. I believe if you have a positive mindset your life is likely to move in a positive direction. However, if you have a negative mindset your life is likely to move in a negative direction. Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker and author, said it this way…

The Benefits of Being Wrong

We live in a society obsessed with being right and this disturbs me. While I believe there is nothing wrong with being right, there may be something wrong with never being wrong….