Melissa McMillan sitting under a tree reading a book.

3 Reasons Reading Will Help You Blossom

Reading is the number one activity I recommend to people just starting out on the journey of blossoming into their best, truest selves because I truly believe it is the most accessible place to start.

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Do What Makes You Feel Alive

When was the last time you felt alive? When was the last time you felt plugged-in to the current of life coursing through your veins? Can you recall what you were doing in that moment? Were you running? Were you giving a presentation? Were you dancing around your living room like Kevin Bacon in Footloose? No…just me? Ok, well, you should at least try that last one before ruling it out (wink-wink!)…

Authenticity Is Essential

Authenticity Is Essential

If you wanted your children to grow up to be authentic adults, to be true to themselves, how would you nurture that growth and development? Would you ignore them? Would you tell them they need to be more like their brother or sister or friends or classmates? Would you downplay their feelings, opinions and ideas?

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