Three Reasons Not To Be A Scrooge

Three Reasons Not to Be a Scrooge

During the Christmas season, we all fall somewhere on the spectrum between Jesus and Mr. Scrooge, between generosity and stinginess. Personally, I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum from Mr. Scrooge. I’m not saying I’m Jesus, but I love giving gifts to people and giving money to charity. Giving is literally one of my favorite things!…

Forgiveness Is Possible

Fall Into Forgiveness Part 6: Forgiveness Is Possible

It’s one thing to talk about forgiveness; it’s another thing to actually forgive. That’s why I want to wrap up this “Fall Into Forgiveness” series with some specific strategies you can use when you’re finding it hard to forgive yourself or someone else…

Who Needs Forgiveness

Fall Into Forgiveness Part 5: Who Needs Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not only misunderstood; sometimes it’s missed altogether. Many people go their entire lives without giving much thought to forgiveness or even experiencing it. Because, well, who needs it? This is an easy mental trap to fall into. It’s easy to think you could go through life without forgiving yourself or others and still be just fine. But the reality is, you aren’t fine unless you are free…

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