Are You Practicing Self-Empathy

Are You Practicing Self-Empathy?

Most of us know what empathy is, right? It’s putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. It’s being able to feel what they might be feeling or to understand their perspective by relating in some way to their experience. And, of course, it’s a valuable tool to have in your personal growth tool belt…

Three Reasons Not To Be A Scrooge

Three Reasons Not to Be a Scrooge

During the Christmas season, we all fall somewhere on the spectrum between Jesus and Mr. Scrooge, between generosity and stinginess. Personally, I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum from Mr. Scrooge. I’m not saying I’m Jesus, but I love giving gifts to people and giving money to charity. Giving is literally one of my favorite things!…

Forgiveness Is Possible

Fall Into Forgiveness Part 6: Forgiveness Is Possible

It’s one thing to talk about forgiveness; it’s another thing to actually forgive. That’s why I want to wrap up this “Fall Into Forgiveness” series with some specific strategies you can use when you’re finding it hard to forgive yourself or someone else…

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