Living with Less

Living with Less

Consumerism. It’s everywhere. Advertising, media, even our neighbors are all yelling the message: “YOU NEED MORE STUFF! YOU NEED NICER STUFF! YOUR STUFF ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH!” And we wonder why we don’t feel good enough…

You Are Enough

As I write this, it is only a few days after Thanksgiving and my sister has already been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks. Yes, it’s the holidays. For many, the holidays are a mixed bag. It’s a time of discomfort and joy, peace and crazy, merry and yeah right…

The Anti-Planner

I’ve never been one to keep a day planner. I’ve never been one to schedule out my life hour by hour. I’ve always wanted to be that person, though. Those people always seem highly organized, motivated and successful and who doesn’t want to be highly organized, motivated and successful?