Wrapping Your Heart Around The Holidays

Now that I live in Southern California, where the temperature seems to hold steady at 75 degrees and there’s a palm tree outside every window, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the holidays. Having grown up in Michigan, it just doesn’t feel like the holidays if…

Authenticity is Essential

If you wanted your children to grow up to be authentic adults, to be true to themselves, how would you nurture that growth and development? Would you ignore them? Would you tell them they need to be more like their brother or sister or friends or classmates? Would you downplay their feelings, opinions and ideas?

Sharing is a Responsibility

I really don’t like to talk about myself or tell my story or share my ideas. I don’t like being asked “what’s new with you?” or “what’s your story?” or “what’s your opinion?” It makes me feel vulnerable and, as a result, anxious – my most familiar, but least favorite feeling. Subsequently, I’ve spent years deflecting, trying to avoid…

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