Living In The Discomfort Zones

Living in the Discomfort Zones

The best, and simultaneously scariest, surprise I’ve ever received was my dog, Danny. I came home one day after work nearly two years ago to find my husband had bought, unbeknownst to me, the cutest little black pug puppy as a gift for my birthday, and my initial reaction was…

3 Reasons Reading Will Help You Blossom

3 Reasons Reading Will Help You Blossom

Reading is the number one activity I recommend to people just starting out on the journey of blossoming into their best, truest selves. In fact, I’ve even listed it as the first activity on 30 Days of Blossoming because I truly believe it is the most accessible place to start…

My Little Trip To The Bookstore

My Little Trip to the Bookstore

Last week I realized I was in need of some TLC. My body and brain felt weary. I hadn’t truly cared for them in a while. And I now know, after years of expecting others to give me permission or flat out do it for me, only I can truly give my body and brain the care they need. Others can facilitate by providing the space or the means, but I have to do the work…

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